Herosan is a world-traveling, world-renown Japanese street performer, with 25 years experience as an acrobat, breakdancer and gymnast in 85 countries. Performing seemingly impossible tricks, in beautiful and hilarious style, Herosan keeps the crowd spellbound by his feats of strength, captivates them with his otherworldly balance skills, and tickles them with his outrageous humor and chopstick skills. He inspires future generations, brings back good old memories from the past, and performs in any setting, from festivals, corporate events, night clubs, cruise ships, etc.

The Show

Hero-san show is like no other show. He turns the stage into a dojo, and carries out tricks that you would have never seen before. He juggles beans with chopsticks and lifts himself in handstands in the most incredible fashion. He has performed in major festivals around the world, including Dubai marina and Edinburgh festival. His show is suited for families as well as corporate events. He gets his audience involved with stereotype asian expressions and doing a kung fu routine with his volunteers. A show that truly combines unique oriental comedy and top level acrobatic skills. I guarantee, after you watch it, you won’t forget his show for a long long time.